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Clairvoyance Solutions Introduces Weapon Mounted Light Cleaning Solution

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Clairvoyance Solutions has just introduced its flagship product, a weapon-mounted light cleaning solution that works in just a couple seconds without damaging your weapon-mounted light. As an added bonus, the cleaning solution is made from 100% safe chemicals for the skin and is non-toxic.

When you’re shooting or training, over time carbon and fouling will build upon the front of your weapon mounted light leading to reduced output. In a tactical or defensive situation, this can lead to a loss of positive target or threat identification. Various home-brew solutions have been available for a long time and while using toothpaste and cloth can work, it can also lead to time wasted and potentially damage to the lens of your weapon light.

Clairvoyance Solutions Introduces Weapon Mounted Light Cleaning Solution

We are a Law Enforcement and United States Marine Owned and Operated small business based out of South Florida. Our product is proudly made in the U.S.A. using no harsh chemicals. With over 30 years combined experience in police work we were baffled that we could never find a product to keep our weapon mounted lights clean.

We set out for a solution and began scouring the internet for a quick and easy fix that led us nowhere. We commonly saw the same ideas, toothpaste, chapstick, erasers, tape and our least favorite, taking your light off prior to training. We knew the only way to fix this problem was to create our own solution.

Spending countless weekends and nights after work, becoming chemists in the garage to make the only solution in the world targeted towards weapon mounted lights. After 8 months, we finally got the recipe right and began performing demonstrations at gun ranges and shooting classes. Now we’re proud to have brought our vision to life and to be able to share this product with the world!


I have purchased my own bottle of the weapon-mounted light cleaning solution to try out and I also asked Cory Vitale – the CEO of Clairvoyance Solutions if it would be safe to use on other types of lenses that can be subject to fouling – like red dots. He did say that it would be perfectly fine to use the solution to clean fouling off of the lenses of optics or emitters but that they will also be coming out with a dedicated lens cleaner/defogger solution as well at some point down the road.

weaponlight cleaning solution

Each bottle of the Weapon Mounted Light Cleaning Solution costs just $15 and according to cory you can get about 30 cleanings out of each small bottle. Right now they are running a launch promotion for buy one get one free. Just enter in a quantity of 3 bottles and upon check out enter code CS920 to receive 3 bottles for just $30. 


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