Weapon Light Cleaner

Weaponlight Protector

Weaponlight Protector vs. Weaponlight Cleaner


A weaponlight protector is just that, a physical substance that sits ON TOP of the flashlight lens to protect from carbon buildup and loss of light transmission. Some products that are used are chapstick, toothpaste, and even stick-on pieces of adhesive plastic, which of course have to be removed.

A weaponlight CLEANER does just as the name implies; removes the offending carbon…simply.

The Paragon™ WLC Weapon Light Cleaner is a sure-fire way to safely and quickly clean the carbon build-up off your tactical flashlight lenses and restore the light output back to full intensity! Our Weapon Light Cleaner product is proudly made in the U.S.A. using no harsh chemicals. With over 30 years combined experience in police work, we were baffled that we could never find a product to keep our weapon-mounted lights clean. At Paragon, we set out for a solution and began scouring the internet for a quick and easy fix that led us nowhere. We commonly saw the same ideas, toothpaste, chapstick, erasers, tape, and our least favorite, taking your light off prior to training. That’s all needless now with our easy to use cleaner….put a couple of drops on, wait 30 seconds and wipe…..DONE!  You have a clean light with full output ready to keep you safe and on top of the situation when needed.

Our product works on Surefire Weapon lights, Streamlight weapon lights, modlite, inforce, olight , and every conceivable manufacturer of firearms and safety equipment.

Have you experienced sticky carbon build-up on your weapon-mounted lights after training? If you have, this is the product that will make your takedown and cleaning procedures quick and painless.

Paragon™ WLC is a sure-fire way to safely and quickly clean the carbon build-up off your light lenses and restore the light output back to full intensity.

Are you are in the Military, Law Enforcement, or any weapon-owning individual that uses tactical weapon-mounted lights? Our WLC is a professional proven cleaner that replaces toothpaste, chapstick, or pencil erasers. These products can scratch your weapon light lenses after you use them. This is a direct alternative to putting “pasties” on your light!

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